Handyman & Preservation Services

Our Annual Program
Handyman & Preservation Services included in your maintenance program.

On our maintenance plan services happen each quarter, and you can always schedule additional services too. Here’s our  HPS-point checklist of professional handyman and preservation services.

Keep your home energy efficient

. Assessment of Exhaust Fan Function (YEARLY)
Save energy, avoid mold or peeling wallpaper.

. Attic Space Analysis (YEARLY)
Ensure your attic is properly insulated, rodent-free and without signs of water/weather damage. Confirm all ventilation is properly exited.

. Crawl/Under-Floor Space Analysis (YEARLY)
We look for water damage, missing insulation or unhooked ducts to avoid lost energy or costly repairs.
Keep you safe from potential emergencies

Twice-a-year testing and batteries replaced every year keep you safe in case there’s a fire.

Dryer Vent Cleaning (YEARLY)

liminate a major fire hazard, cut your drying time, save energy and the extend life of your dryer.
Keep you and your home healthy

. Inspect/Clean/Replace Furnace Filters (QUARTERLY)
Keep your air circulating and clean, save on energy bills and extend the life of your HVAC system.

. Light Bulb Replacement (QUARTERLY)
Avoid climbing ladders, we’ll change bulbs in hard-to-reach light fixtures inside or out.

. Interior Plumbing Analysis (QUARTERLY)

. Fix running toilets or random leaks and drips. Ask us about fixture replacements, too.
Keep everything working correctly

. Garage Door Check/Lube (YEARLY)
We’ll check, adjust and lubricate the whole mechanism so it runs smoothly and quietly.
Assessment of Door and Window Function (QUARTERLY)

. Are your latches latching? Glass cracked or broken seals? Screens in good repair? We’ll take care of it all.
Landscape Analysis (TWICE-YEARLY)

. Inspect landscaping for good separation and slope away from the house to avoid moisture inside.
Check for plant/tree roots/growth against the house. Analyze fences and gates.

.Home Exterior Analysis (TWICE-YEARLY)

.Dry rot, plugged downspouts, improper caulking can all lead to expensive repairs. We’ll check for
external trouble that could cause internal problems.